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Learn Digital Imaging

learn digital imagingAdobe Certified ExpertI conduct group workshops and private one-on-one classes in Photoshop, Lightroom and digital photography. Classes can be tailored to your individual needs, interests, and experience level. Learn at your own pace in your own home. Emphasis is on the integrationoftechnology with individual artistic vision. Contact me via E-mail or phone at (201) 407-8483 for upcoming group classes or for an individual session. The rate for private lessons is $80 perhour. Visit the events page for a list of upcoming group workshops and programs.

The topics covered are fully customizable to your needs and may include:

  • Basics of exposure (light, aperture, shutter speed, etc.)
  • Camera operations
  • Optimizing images in Lightroom or Photoshop
  • Organizing your photos (Digital Asset Management) using Lightroom
  • Editing workflow in Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Photoshop as a graphic arts medium (integrating text with images)
  • Review and critique your images
  • Elements of composition
  • Advanced digital manipulation (montages, layermasks, etc.)
  • Understanding the histogram
  • Artistic vision in photography

Student Comments:

"You're a really good teacher.  I'd still probably be using a film camera if it weren't for you!" —G. Levine

"George, thank you so much for ... putting together this wonderful workshop. You are a very gifted artist and excellent presenter! ... I have been using LR for a while but I learned so much more from you which will make my time with LR much more productive and enjoyable - I am very grateful. All of the attendees whom I spoke with were uniformly appreciative of your effort." — J. St. John

"... you opened up my eyes to other sights and avenues that I was not aware of in this program. I feel more confident ... and know that it is an excellent tool to have." — R. Lee

"Just wanted to thank you again for the marvelous job you did on the workshop. It must be very difficult to teach with so many students. I went into this workshop very familiar with Lightroom, but came out learning some valuable new techniques." — P. Lanz

"Masterful presentation!" — R. Voll

"... the workshop was fantastic. I now see the "light' as far as Lightroom is concerned." — K. Duke PSA

"I'll now feel very confident when I'm processing my images using this program, and am looking forward to taking advantage of all LR3's features. It was quite obvious that my classmates felt the same way, as everyone left ... in a veryupbeat mood." — P. Gordon

"I can't thank you enough for doing this workshop. It was very informative and fun! The comments I heard from people around me were both complimentary to you as an instructor and to how powerful LR is and how it will help them in their Where everyone learns Photoshop - National Association of Photoshop Professionalsworkflow. Good stuff!" — G. Rulli

" I learned a lot as you clarified many of the features for me. I can read  the books and manuals, but having someonedemonstrate it makes a big difference. You have a very clear way of explaining things." — N. Fezell